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In case you can't tell, I'm obsessed with elephants.

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Anonymous asked: I wish there was a way you could show people just how much scoliosis affects you. Like some sort of a challenge similar to the ALS challenge. Or a simulator thing they could be hooked to that shows them what it's like. Just something to prove to them that it really IS as bad as we say. I think that if they had to live with it for 2-3 weeks, they might stop nagging at us about it. They may actually realize that they should have listened to us all along. Then awareness could spread even more.



That is a great idea! I know there are already a few groups in place that help to raise awareness, but you could definitely start your own if you wanted to, and even do something like the ASL challenge! Awareness is so important and definitely vital for people to have a bit more sympathy.

I was saying the same thing to my mom all summer long that there should be an als challenge type thing with scoliosis

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